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The integrated solution addresses the entire incident lifecycle, from detection to response, across the converged IT/OT attack surface, including IT to OT attacks

Cyberbit Ltd., a world leading provider of cybersecurity

Ra’anana, Israel – January 24, 2018 – Cyberbit Ltd., a world leading provider of cybersecurity simulation and IT/OT detection and response platforms is participating in Cybertech 2018 conference and exhibition, 29-31 January, in Tel Aviv.
With the attack surface expanding across IT OT and IoT networks, alerts volumes growing, and cybersecurity skill staff more limited than ever, security organizations are challenged with multiple solutions addressing niche challenges. However, attackers now traverse from IT to OT and IoT networks to penetrate into critical systems. During Cybertech 2018, Cyberbit will demonstrate, for the first time an integrated solution which addresses the entire attack surface including IT to OT attacks. This solution combines several best-of-breed technologies which are also available as standalone products:

SOC 3D: Incident Response Automation, Orchestration and is a single pane of glass for automating and orchestrating the security operations center (SOC), powered by big-data. SOC 3D addresses the growing volume of alerts and the cyber security skill shortage by accelerating incident response and automating manual work.

SCADAShield: ICS/SCADA Security for Operational Technology (OT) Networks is the world leading OT security platform chosen by sensitive, critical infrastructure organizations to protect ICS/SCADA networks, electric grids, transportation networks, manufacturing lines, smart buildings and data centers. SCADAShield provides unprecedented OT asset discovery and visibility, detects known OT threats, unknown OT threats and anomalies, as well as deviations from operational restrictions, by using 7-layer deep packet inspection (DPI).

Cyberbit EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response is a behavioral analysis platform for detecting stealthy threats that evade conventional endpoint security systems. Cyberbit EDR uses behavioral analysis to detect unknown, signature-less and IoC-less threats without depending on external sources, IoCs, threat intelligence or connectivity.

Cyberbit Range: Hyper-Realistic Training and Simulation: is a “flight simulator” for information security professionals that enables organizations to establish and manage a hands-on training center, proven to increase the incident response teams’ performance. The Range uses hyper-realistic simulated training disciplines similar to those of combat flight simulation. It is used by service providers, universities, enterprises, governments and military organizations to train and certify cybersecurity professionals. Cyberbit is the leading provider of Cyber Range simulation platforms, with 11 new training facilities announced in the last 6 months.

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