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Smart Phone Technologies That Are Shaping The Modern World

A recent study shows that almost over 3 billion people across the world use mobile phones and 200 billion mobile apps are being downloaded every year. This is just one proof that the smart phone industry is a creative and actively growing market. We use these pocket-sized gadgets in almost everything that we do – from waking us up as alarms, communicating with colleagues, catching up on news to listening to music while falling asleep. 
Almost all big companies are now using smart phones for branding, as a way to improve customer relations or even direct marketing. Startup businesses are also up on the mobile phone trend since having mobile-friendly websites is an effective way to market their brands. It is the large usage of mobile phones that improves its innovation. Get a mobile phone now by getting the best deals with Recharge Vodafone since these devices are here to stay until the next generations.
Here are some reasons why smart phones are changing the world we live in today:
Wearable Gadgets
According to a recent research on mobile phones, over 100 million wearable devices were sold in 2016 only and is expanding until today. Wearable devices and gadgets such as the Samsung Gear and Apple Watch which can be partnered with smart phones shows that we are now in the age of transitioning from a basic watch to a smarter device. This opens up multiple windows of opportunities to sellers, application developers and watch makers. The mobile phone has now become a bridge of private networks such as wearable devices, health sensors and other gadgets that can be attached on the body or on the clothes. These new gadgets will communicate with our mobile devices to show accurate data in a whole new level. 
Mobile Payments
The world’s total mobile payments in 2017 was computed to be over $710 billion which experts say have risen to nearly $480 billion in just the past 5 years. In the past year, Google has announced a simpler to do mobile payments through its Google Pay service. Google Pay is an application which includes Android Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay in just one click. Instead of using debit or credit cards which incur a lot interest, people can now purchase anything on the internet via pay based apps on their mobile phones, giving the birth to mobile commerce or M-commerce.
5G Technology
5G network is the new era of internet for mobile phones which features faster bandwidth and more efficient connections on smart phones and other devices. Integrating state-of-the-art technology and the latest innovations, 5G can provide connections that are a hundred times faster than today’s connections. It is expected that the average download speed are at 1gigabyte per second and is seen to be the new normal once 5G is released. 
5G networks will surely help boost the rise of the technology of Internet of Things giving the power needed to transfer large amounts of information which will allow a wiser and more affiliated internet community. With its development in the final stages, 5G technology is expected to be launched worldwide in 2020. The technology will work side by side with older 4g technology to give faster connections no matter where your location is. Get your internet connection updated with this promo code for the fastest all-in-one in fiber.
Location and Motion Sensors
Smart phones today now have location sensors which utilize various positioning techniques to provide precise data. Knowing a person’s location is helpful in providing relevant information and service. Integrating motion sensors on mobile phones has opened new possibilities in security and games. While installing location sensors on phones have been useful in geotagging, enhanced video game experience and automobile navigation. To make the location sensor more accurate, mobile phones use the internet, ultrasonic beacons and satellite tagging. The ability to precisely target location integrated in smart phones has prompted the beginning of personalization of services and information.
Android Instant Application
The Android Instant Application is an evolution in mobile app sharing and mobile app discovery which gives users of all Android devices the capability to view Android-installed apps and use it even without literally installing the application. This provides the power to modularize an application so that consumers can load the part of the app which they only need. A good example of this is a newspaper company offering their crossword puzzles to readers even without installing the full application. If you are planning to switch to Android, Lebara Mobile allows you to swap phones. Hurry and get coupons for Lebara Mobile here.
Better User Experience and Design
Efficient display on smart phones is a critical factor in providing users a great experience. Today’s successful mobile phone companies have created new algorithms that improve design which provide more interactive user interfaces. Designers have also been developing mobile applications that can adapt to challenges including interruption and limited user attention. Mobile phones now have the ability to tap into technologies such as interactive layers, design patterns and managing of content. These abilities create the Augmented Reality which allows mobile phone users to interact with the interface at a deeper level. 
Artificial Intelligence
AI is set to provide businesses and users alike some amazing insight via complex analytics, intelligent interfaces and advanced machine learning. With technologies such as SwiftKey an Hound,  we are just beginning to discover how powerful AI is when integrated with the smart phone.
Cloud-Based Applications
The Cloud has earned a lot of attention in just a few years since its release. For applications, the Cloud is all about reducing a mobile phone’s usage on its internal memory. Examples of these are Dropbox and Google Cloud.
Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is defined as the network of things installed with software, electronics and internet connectivity. These factors provide objects to gather and give out information without the need of human interplay. Each technology depends on IOT in various ways which provides a competitive advantage. It is predicted that IOT will be massive and will eventually be a vital technology that will be needed in the future.

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