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I must admit it. I was quite skeptical when Claudio Pasqua, the Chief Editor, asked me:

" Would you like to interview Brian May about his activity with the team New Horizon/Pluto? "

Brian May, astrophysicist
Brian May, astrophysicist - Photo: Max Earey / Shutterstock.com

I mean, come on. A star like Brian May would never be bothered to answer my questions.
Why one of the most famous guitarist of one of the most famous band in the world would reply to an unknown blogger like me?

Brian May is not only a member of Queen. He is an astrophysics.
Infact, he got his Degree in Maths and Physics in the seventies at the Imperial College London. His CV even boasts a publication on Nature. Despite his worldwide success with the Queen, he recently went back to his studies  and successfully achieved a PhD in Astrophysics. He is also an excellent science communicator. His last The cosmic tourist , a wonderful journey discovering the beauty of the Universe, is  written together with Sir Patrick Moore.

So, what happened?

Well, nothing, as expected. However, I got a very nice reply by his stuff.

All right. Fair enough.

Anyway, my questions are reported below. Maybe a day Brian will find and read them.

  • You are currently involved in the program New Horizon/Pluto: can you explain which role will you play in the team and how do you feel about this experience? 
  • Music and Astrophysics, two lifelong passions: what brought you to go back to your studies and get your PhD and how did you feel about that decision? 
  • Congratulations for "The Cosmic Tourist", a wonderful journey exploring the beauty of the Universe: what motivated you to write it? 
  •  Any anticipation about your next book?

And you, what would you like to ask /would have asked Brian May?

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