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You are a fledgling entrepreneur: focused, hard-working, motivated.
You need resources to scale your project, but you don't want to spend all your time chasing equity.
You know a friend who knows a friend who might be interested in investing, but only if your product prints money from day one.
You are a brilliant student/scientist/self-made man, but cash flows and liquidation preferences are not necessarily your strongest suit.

For you, Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative means:

Actual business
Meet committed investors interested in your technology and sector, improving your chance of securing the resources you need.
On average, each startup who reaches an Arena Meeting receives over 10 interest manifestations from investors.

Global reach
Pitch to a room full of investors from all over the world, so you can focus on making your product great instead of fund-raising.
On average, over 75 Italian and international investors attend an Arena Meeting.

More than just money
In addition to free training, coaching and widespread media coverage, gain access to a rich network of partners providing key services and resources.
There are over 50 partners (and counting): from incubators to software corporations, from science parks to business coaches.

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